The firm’s Antitrust Section is manned by attorneys and lawyers with a proven track record. Efficiently applying statutes and regulations and our expertise in this area, we provide professional advice on all kinds of complicated antitrust matters.

Knowledgeable and skilled, the firm’s lawyers have made a comprehensive review of the antitrust restrictions in place, successfully litigated for companies or brought about settlements in administrative proceedings.

Our lawyers provide the following services:

Representation in Kyrgyz Antimonopoly agency

  • During discovery and competition compliance review
  • During the drafting and filing of reports to the Kyrgyz Antymonopoly agency about breach of competition law by public authorities and economic agents
  • In the context of antitrust proceedings
  • In connection with breaches of competition law in trademark registration
  • In the context of advertising non-compliance proceedings
  • In the context of transaction approval as part of government control of market concentrations

Legal services and advice

  • Assessment of legal risks of antitrust non-compliance due to abuse of market power, unfair competition, anti-competitive practices and cartel agreements
  • Advice on antitrust compliance in trademark registration and use
  • Advice on competition compliance in business practices, management behaviour, contractual arrangements and in-house paperwork
  • Review and development of business models and dealings with competitors in light of competition law
  • Client support during antitrust reviews
  • Appeal to the antitrust authority to protect the client’s interests
  • Advice on advertising compliance