We provide the following services:

  • Representing clients before courts in all categories of disputes relating to protection of trademark and other intellectual property rights, including:
    – appealing against decisions of the Kyrgyzpatent- patent disputes
    – cancellation of trademark registrations
    – disputes relating to execution, performance or termination of IP license, assignment or pledge agreements
  • Comprehensive legal support of transactions (including M&A) involving trademark or other IP rights, including:
    – negotiating transaction terms
    – transaction structuring
    – drafting agreements, and
    – recordal of assignment/pledge or licensing of IP rights at Kyrgyz patent
  • Comprehensive legal support for registration of rights to trademarks, inventions, utility models, industrial designs or other IP rights in KG:
    – patent search, patent clearance or trademark search
    – drafting trademark applications or applications for inventions, utility models, industrial designs, computer programs or data bases
    – client support from filing an application up to obtaining a trademark certificate or patent
    – representing clients when appealing against examiner’s opinions at Kyrgyz patent or against Kyrgyz patent decisions in court
    – renewals and maintaining of IP rights (payment of annuities)
    – making changes to a trademark certificate or patent
  • Comprehensive legal support for obtaining international trademark registrations through the World Intellectual Property Organization and national trademark registrations in jurisdictions other than KG
  • Comprehensive legal support for registration of inventions and utility models in countries other than Kyrgyz, including by filing international PCT applications, and support for registration of industrial designs; comprehensive legal support for obtaining Eurasian patents
  • Recordal of trademarks in the Intellectual Property Register of the Federal Customs Service
  • Representing clients in anti-counterfeiting actions, including administrative and criminal proceedings
  • Advice on all matters relating to protection or infringement of trademark or other IP rights
  • Advice on antimonopoly issues arising from trademark registration or use in violation of antimonopoly legislation
  • Preparing expert opinions
  • Due diligence on trademark or other IP rights, risk identification, preparing DD reports and risk minimization
  • Advice on tax issues stemming from acquisition, disposal or use of trademark or other IP rights