Developing the project concept:

  • Analyze the project (objectives, requirements, tasks)
  • Develop a plan for project financing
  • Structuring the project
  • Develop investment agreements

Develop the project’s managerial and corporate structures taking investors’ interests into account

Contractual structuring of the project

Structuring and acting on venture and investment transactions:

  • Prepare a “risks map” based on the transaction structure and transaction documents
  • Legal due diligence of the assets contributed to the joint venture
  • Develop a legal structure for the venture or investment transaction, negotiate terms and conditions and term sheets, memoranda of understanding, etc.
  • Prepare a company’s participants (shareholders) agreements, investment agreements, etc.
  • Identify the specific features and limitations for the parties as regards execution and performance of participants’ agreements, and give recommendations to minimize such features and limitations
  • Determine scenarios for withdrawal from a venture or investment project
  • Prepare drafts and negotiate terms and conditions of the disposal (transfer for use) of stocks/interests/IP / other assets

Dispute resolution:

  • On investment contracts
  • Including pre-trial phase

Legal advice on placement of innovative product on Russian and foreign markets:

  • Develop a legal framework for an innovative project
  • Evaluate legal risks of implementing an innovative project
  • Prepare project documentation, including documents to create a JV, transfer technology, equipment, etc.
  • Legal advice on issues regarding the transfer of exclusive rights

Select forms of financing of corporations’ innovative development:

  • Consider how it impacts its relations with start-ups
  • Represent corporations’ interests in order to expedite negotiations with investors
  • Perfect intellectual property rights
  • Develop investor protection mechanisms