Successful management of investment funds and related operations in today’s complex and transitional economic conditions requires the necessary skills in this area and qualified legal support …


AIM Partners Law Firm has extensive experience in representing clients in all aspects of fund formation and investment management operations. Our team advises a wide range of clients, including investors, investment funds and companies, private money managers, investment management departments of banks located in the Kyrgyz Republic, brokers-dealers, and also represents the interests of fund managers on all matters related to investment operations.


Based on the experience of our lawyers in taxation, regulatory compliance, securities, corporate governance, banking, and finance, we provide comprehensive recommendations necessary for successful investment management in the domestic and foreign markets. We combine experience, insight, and creativity to provide informed advice on all aspects of investment management, including:

  • fund formation, operation, and management;
  • regulatory compliance and enforcement;
  • fund for mergers and acquisitions, liquidations and restructuring;
  • customer data security and confidentiality;
  • mechanisms for the distribution of funds;
  • providing access to innovative investment products;
  • analysis and coordination of tax consequences, etc.

When you seek the advice of our investment management team, you work with lawyers who are not only well versed in the law, but also effectively solve any complex problems. In addition, you work with a team that demonstrates the highest level of customer service, which is the main priority of AIM Partners.