Employment & Migration

In modern conditions, mutual relations between Worker and Employer require a more total regimentation accordance with labor legislation. Employers for its part:

  • should be in the rate of labor legislation fast changing conditions become acquainted with new labor rules, requirements of labor health protection and union organizations;
  • to develop strategies on holding of high-potential employees, particularly during reorganization, restructuring and allocation of the company;
  • to develop incentives mechanisms to Workers for increase of the output;
  • to organize qualification procedures, basing on experience of foreign Employer’s;
  • to specify document circulation;
  • to prevent infringements of labor legislation etc.

Also, in the integration period for Employers often need to involve of Workers from other countries; to establishing bilateral cooperation under share experience’s agreement, also in deployment of workers to Company’s branches, which located outside Kyrgyz Republic. All these factors are set to need in legal aid from outsight.

At the same time, often Employers feel need in legal aid from the outside.

The company “АIM Partners” in the labor domain provide to national and foreign companies following services:

  • consultation on varying complexity labor and accompanying with that questions;
  • preparation of legal conclusions concerning questions on Labor legislation of Kyrgyz Republic and Foreign States;
  • drafting the expert reports of labor contracts, Employers’ local acts;
  • preparation of labor documents (contracts, agreements, duty regulations, regulations, lists of members of the staff etc.);
  • tracking the procedures with associated engagement of Foreign Workers;
  • tracking the procedures of visa documents;
  • introduction of collective negotiations inside organization;
  • representation of Employers’ and Workers interest at governmental and non-governmental organizations, establishments and courts of general jurisdiction.

Uniting all received experience of our company’s lawyers, basing on labor legislation, we work through boundaries, branch and the area of practice for meeting the needs of our Company’s clients in labor and employment. Apart from volume and the level of complexity of the problems, we create favorable conditions to the customers to overcome their problems that they become leading Employers inside the country and abroad.